Traditional Interval Training Is Boring, Outdated and Ineffective...

Hey, It's Chris Lopez, strength conditioning coach, Master Turbulence Trainer and Strong First Level 2 Kettlebell Trainer.

I'm writing this because I want to get something off my chest that I know is going to upset a lot of trainers and 'in the know' gym goers and fitness people...

Did you know that if you're doing interval training on a treadmill to finish your workout you're losing 1/3 of the fat burning benefits?

Think about it

On a treadmill all you have to do is lift your leg and put it down again, then the machine takes care of the rest by pulling you along.

This means that the big muscles involved in extending your leg your hamstrings & glutes or your POSTERIOR CHAIN don't get used at all.

Those are massive, powerhouse muscles that, if used, can skyrocket your metabolism and have you burning fat ALL DAY LONG.

But they get neglected and unused if you run on a treadmill.

The same thing goes for using a stationary bike or an elliptical machine they suck as well.

Strength coaches, trainers and athletes have proven time and time again that to get that ripped, lean physique you need to STOP doing cardio & traditional machine interval training and START using a more bang-for-your-buck style of fat loss conditioning that's challenging and fun.

You MUST Do Finishers At The End Of Your Workout.

And if you want the body of an athlete lean, muscular & powerful then you need to do finishers that work your POSTERIOR CHAIN.

It’s well known in the strength and conditioning world that using a kettlebell will work your POSTERIOR CHAIN like no other fitness tool around.

STUDY: Burn up to 20 calories per minute using KETTLEBELLS

In a study published by the American Council on Exercise and conducted by exercise scientists at the University of Wisconsin, researchers found that participants burned an average of 20 calories per minute doing a standard kettlebell snatch.

That's 400 calories over a 20 minute period.

The researchers found that both the male & female subjects increased their strength, power and athleticism in addition to their cardio capacity...

Just by doing ONE Simple But Intense Kettlebell Exercise.

BUT, The most mind-boggling result of the study was that the participants increased their abdominal core strength by a whopping 70%!!!

They didn't do crunches, they didn't do sit ups, they didn't even do planks.

All they did was snatch a kettlebell a full body movement that works every muscle in your body.

Kettlebells then provide you with a much more high intensity workout over a short period of time than your average weight training gym program.

And because of that study, I teamed up with fellow Master Turbulence Trainer, Mike Whitfield to bring you KETTLEBELL FINISHERS.


Mike Whitfield, Master CTT

Mike Whitfield has lost 105 pounds propelling his passion into the fitness industry. His work has been seen in the Men's Health Big Book of Getting Abs, the Men's Health Blog, the AJC, Turbulence Training and more. Whitfield also received the prestigious Turbulence Trainer of the Year in 2012.

With Chris Lopez's Kettlebell Finishers you'll get 33 Fat Incinerating Complexes, Chains & Hybrids Including.

  • 50 Shades of Swings The swing is the most foundational kettlebell exercise and with this finisher you'll use swing variations to work your glutes, abs and hamstrings like a pro-athlete.
  • (Punks) Get-Up to get Beat Down Using the absolute BEST kettlebell grind The Get-Up you'll use this Chain Finisher to not only incinerate fat, but build healthy and strong shoulders.
  • The Wolverine This intense Kettlebell-Bodyweight Hybrid introduces the Never-Before-Seen Wolverine Push-Up a killer abdominal and upper body exercise that will challenge your ego.
  • Metabolic Stimulation Want a metabolism that will have you burning fat all day long? This Kettlebell-Primal Movement-Sprint Hybrid will do the trick and NOT burn out your CNS.
  • You Know My KBz Get to know your kettlebells intimately with this Double-Kettlebell Finisher.
  • You Got 99 Pro(KB)lemz This Challenge Finisher is 99 reps worth of intensity and sweat
  • PLUS 28 More Original Kettlebell Finishers
  • AND 8 Bonus Kettlebell-Bodyweight Hybrids

PLUS, You'll Get These 2 Brand New Exclusive Bodyweight Workouts by Mike Whitfield, Master CTT...

The Bodyweight Dirty Dozen

Inside these giant 12-exercise circuits, you'll rip through metabolic workouts using ZERO equipment required. You'll get it all inside each circuit including strength training and metabolic conditioning to get you shredded fast.

Bodyweight Guantlets

With the new Bodyweight Gauntlet Finishers, you'll get the latest in bodyweight training methods with no equipment including gauntlets and intense ladders to get you ripped and more athletic. Each of these full workouts end with a gauntlet grand finale finisher, putting your metabolism in fifth gear for hours.

Stop wasting your time with cardio and interval training.

Get Kettlebell Finishers TODAY for less than TWENTY BUCKS.

ONLY $19.95!
ONLY $19.95!

  • q-iconWhat if I don't know how to use a kettlebell?

    Don’t worry because you’ll get Chris’s full coaching support on video with access to our video tutorial portal for all your Kettlebell needs. Chris has been designated as a Master Certified Turbulence Trainer with Distinction because of his expert ability to coach and teach other trainers how to use a kettlebell the most effective way.

  • q-iconCan I use Kettlebell Finishers with the exercise program I'm already doing?

    YES! That’s why we created Kettlebell Finishers – as an “add-on” to any exercise program. So whether you train at home with just your bodyweight or you train with barbells and dumbbells at the gym, all you’ll need is a single kettlebell and you’ll have the ultimate fat burning plan at your fingertips.

  • q-iconWhat size kettlebell is best for me to use?

    For women, the best weight to start out with is an 8kg or 10kg kettlebell. For men, start with a 16kg and you’ll be good to go with all the Kettlebell Finishers!

ONLY $19.95!